Threats from Hurricanes

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A hurricane’s deadly forces The combination of water and wind can have devastating impacts on nature and man (click here to find out more). Learn what these mortal features can do and how to survive them.Storm Tides and WavesStorm surge is simply the growth in water which floods the coast as water is pushed onshore by strong winds, and to a much lesser degree very low pressure. It is important to know the tides of the coastal area where you are located. For example, many locations on the Gulf coast have quite small tidal ranges, whereas locations on the U.S. east coast have large tidal ranges. It makes a substantial difference on the impacts to the coast if a hurricane moves ashore through a low or high tide in a location where the tidal range is large. Today, inland flood causes the biggest loss of life. Before, when hurricane forecasting technology was much less sophisticated, storm surge was the motive for most deaths. It’s best to leave a construction that could be affected by the storm wave of a hurricane. The force from sea water is extremely powerful and can destroy a home easily. High waves carry the debris from destroyed buildings that are on the shore that batter other structures further inland. Even so, it’s best not to”ride out” a hurricane and evacuate to a safer place.Hurricanes create strong sustained winds which have the capability of destroying structures and toppling trees and power lines. The Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale gives an estimate on the kind of wind damage that can be expected with various categories of hurricanes. A major hurricane is thought to be a category 3 or higher. Strong winds can blow in garage doors, break windows, or lift roofs from homes. Make certain that you have shutters or plywood to cover windows properly during a hurricane. Also, know how structurally sound your roof and garage doors are so that they will not fail in case of high winds. The safest place to stay is in the basement to protect you and your loved ones from high winds. If you are in a flood zone, evacuate to higher ground. If you don’t have a basement, find a small room on the lowest floor with no windows near the center of the house to stay.TornadoesTornadoes are many times associated with land falling tropical cyclones. Most of the tornadoes occur within 24 hours of land fall, although it’s potential for tornadoes to still happen a couple of days later still associated with the circulation. The most significant hurricane associated tornado outbreak on record occurred with Hurricane Ivan in 2004 with 123 tornadoes. Contrary to their Midwest cousins, tornadoes on average are weaker in hurricanes. There’s usually a weaker signature on radar and hail nearly never accompanies them. Stronger land falling hurricanes have a greater potential to create tornadoes than poorer ones. Tornadoes occur with land falling hurricanes as the hurricane moves over land and encounters greater low level friction from the land. This slows the wind at the surface greater than higher aloft, adding to vertical wind shear. It is this increase in wind shear that sets up an environment favorable for tornado development. Follow the same safety guidelines for high winds to protect you and your family from the harmful effects of tornadoes.FloodingAll hurricanes don’t produce severe flooding. There are lots of factors that contribute to the flood potential of a hurricane or weaker tropical cyclone. The most important factor is the rate of motion. If a tropical cyclone moves into a region where steering currents from the winds aloft are weak, very heavy rain may result. It is possible for the tropical cyclone to be almost stationary for days resulting in very heavy rainfall amounts of 40 to 50 inches or more. Rainfall amounts are also affected by the terrain of a location. Mountains cause an added lift to occur, enhancing rainfall rates on the windward slopes. The surrounding environment where the hurricane forms is another consideration. If a hurricane forms in the deep tropics, it usually can tap a deeper source of deep layered moisture. Hurricanes that form in higher latitudes have a greater prospect of entraining dry air from mid latitude weather systems limiting moisture. When a tropical cyclone is approaching, understand the possibility of heavy rainfall to make flooding or flash flooding where you live. SummaryA hurricane has the potential to cause widespread damage and loss of life. The best way to endure the effects of a hurricane is by staying informed. For more on how to prepare before a storm strikes, check’s article on hurricane preparedness.

Stress Before Cheerleading Competitions

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Cheerleading competitions are amazing and very stressful on everyone involved. Below are a few ideas about how to keep your stress level down if you’re a competitor, coach, or parent, discover this info here.

First, prepare yourself. The best way to fight the strain of competition is to have a routine that everybody on the ground has mastered and feels positive finishing. From stunts to tumbling moves, be certain everyone’s time is dead on perfect several run-throughs until you load the vans to head out to the contest. This means making certain practices depend, and everyone is present for each practice. No excuses. Even participants who may not believe the best can come in and watch and place so they are aware of any last minute alterations.

Second, ensure that your squad is ready with what they require. Make sure that they are loaded in the transportation the night before you must leave.

Third, make sure opponents have everything they want for the uniforms they’re wearing. Backpack every complete uniform in a slider bag. Label the bags with each participants name using a permanent marker. If available, pack additional uniform pieces in various sizes also. Keep all the uniforms together! Do not give them to the participants until it’s time to get prepared!

Be certain that you’ve chosen a make-up colour scheme and eye pattern until you reach the contest. Don’t experiment when you’re at the venue! If your group uses hair pieces, include them at the rehearsal and package them up using the make-up kits. If not, ensure to plan accordingly for hair rollers or curling irons to the style your squad is using and pack lots of hairspray. Some squads charge admittance for a design and invite the community and school. They may provide a spaghetti dinner or hot dog dinner together with the entertainment. After the run-through, it is the ideal time to package the uniforms.

Give you to an assistant trainer or trusted parent. Be certain schedules, payment verification, and any other pertinent information to the contest are stored in the accordion folder.

It’s necessary to keep the parents sense as little anxiety as possible also. Their kids are performing before a good deal of people. They have probably put plenty of money and time into cheerleading at this time. They need a good return and a happy child when it is all said and done. Be sure they have directions to the place, a schedule for the events with their group (s) times and phases highlighted if possible, a set meeting place for prior to the contest and after the contest, a schedule of the awards ceremony, and a list of potential places to stay and eat if it’s an overnight competition. Many parents prefer to”reserve” together in regards to travel arrangements. Be certain you keep the parents in the loop at all times about potential changes to programs or venues. You can set up a telephone tree, but do not count on that always functioning. Use email, text alerts, and Facebook alarms to alert parents to what’s happening with the event.

Preparation Checklist:

1. Regular has been successful at clinic several times with no mistakes.
2. Each coach has a least two copies of their contest music.
3. All props are accounted for and packaged.
5. All uniforms are packed and tagged and moved together.
6. All make-up kits are packaged.
7. All parents have many ways to get them to keep them current with the schedules.
8. Room reservations (if needed ) are paid in advance and verification is in hand.
9. Departure time allows for flaws, hair and make-up difficulties, and maybe a few run-throughs prior to the contest.
10. Participant waiver forms are consistent with insurance details. Many times these are shipped in sooner with the registration.

Some useful hints for the multi-tasking coach:

3. Artist brushes work very well when applying eye make-up. The longer handles permit you to work without being right in the woman’s face.
4. Use hairpieces if the group can manage it. They’re so much easier than trying to do hair for each competition.
5. Make-up is obviously the same for the women. Same colours and”designs” on the face or eyes.
6. Bring additional hair pins, additional hair ties, and additional safety pins!
7. Don’t become emotional in front of the group prior to the contest. Do not freak out when somebody drops a stunt at the practice time. Don’t begin crying or laughing hysterically (whichever may be your working ). They’ll fell bad enough as it happens.
8. If you can afford it or the parents might love to help, have a little present for the kids when they’re done. Even if it’s only a keychain or a stuffed animal to assist them commemorate their accomplishment of competing, it is going to mean a lot to them.

The more you’re prepared, the stress you’re going to feel.

Different ways to make S’mores

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Creative recipes that result in a delis summer collecting; Occasionally the ideal gathering is something simple, right in your home. Ditch the fancy wines and dinner-party stress by unwinding to get a fire pit collecting in your own backyard!

No get-together around the flame is complete without the beloved S’mores. Where S’mores got their source remains a puzzle, but Americans were enjoying them fireside since the 1920’s, once the recipe first appeared in The Girl Scout handbook in a post titled”Tramping and Trailing with The Girl Scouts.” Word spread like wild fire and they are a campfire staple. The S’mores in its first recipe is delicious, but only by substituting simple entities of it; we could make our own fire simmered masterpiece! Gather your friends, light the fire pit, and circle up your Adirondack chairs; browse below for a listing of S’mores recipes to wow your visitors!

Banana Turtle S’mores: Graham cracker, favorite turtle candy, Raccoon Poopmarshmallow, banana pieces (add a drizzle of caramel sauce before topping with closing cracker)

Chocolate Raspberry S’mores: Graham cracker, roasted marshmallow, dark chocolate candies, fresh raspberries

Nutty S’mores: Nutter Butter cracker (separate and abandon filling on one cracker) peanut butter cup, roasted marshmallow

Savory S’mores: Graham Cracker, spread one face of cracker with goat cheese and another with fig jam, 1 leaf of arugula and roasted marshmallow

Can’t decide on just one of these recipes? Consider creating a S’mores bar for your gathering. Any family get together is the best time to break out the S’mores. Children of all ages, young and old enjoy making them especially eating them. There’s nothing better! Spring, summer or autumn, it really does not matter the season. It’s always the ideal time of the year and really excellent treat for all. You should see my grandkids eyes light up when they see me pull out the all of the goodies for a night around the fire pit. It simply makes their evening filled with fun. Do not have everything you need for the best night of passion gazing?