Squirrel Removal

These adorable little critters sometimes like to take up home in your dwelling. They could bring their family together invading your attic like an unwanted visitor and lead to structural damage from your attic.Squirrel, Nager, Garden, Rodent, Nature

Some of these Animals in the Attic Brevard might be useful.


Attempt placing a “Havaheart” snare in your attic where the squirrels appear to be living. This may trap the creature and also keep it living. Most local hardware stores carry these and they have the best design. Bait the trap preferably with peanut butter -irresistible to squirrels. Additionally, you may add sunflower seeds and seeds into the mixture. Place trap in loft and check regular. Once an animal has been trapped crate and all on your vehicle, drive to some other environment and release the squirrel. Repeat this procedure for a week or two.

Towns with animal control officers will be pleased to send someone outside to grab the squirrel. It is free, but you might want to create a little donation. Animal traps can be rented from some humanist societies. Place this trap near where the animal lives. Again, bait with peanut butter put in an apple slice.

Squirrel Fears:

Try spraying on fox urine in the hole. This might be purchased from hunting supply shops. Smaller creatures such as the squirrels are afraid of the animals higher up on the food chain. This will probably help them to leave promptly.


Attempt wetting cloth with ammonia and spreading these around the general area that the creature is living in. An animals sense of smell is more highly developed than ours and also the odor of ammonia drives them crazy.

Moth Balls:

Use moth balls are made from naphthalene flakes. Squirrel replant is made from exactly the identical naphthalene flakes but the price is significantly higher.

Close Attic Entries

Squirrels are outside during day, but return at night. Throughout the daytime look around your home for any loose boards or gaps and hammer down them as squirrels can get into very small spaces. Buy any mesh and seal off the opening to your attic, such as valves, toaster or any other kind. This is usually easier if performed from the interior making sure there are not any gaps. Once this is done they cannot get back in.

Having squirrels in your attic might be quite costly. Don’t wait if all above methods don’t work.

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